Our General Asset Allocation Capability

General asset allocation capability: multi-asset, multi-variety and multi-strategy


    • 2018.9.28

      Clear big picture and fully overweigh

    • 2016.2.4

      Full-scale attack with a thousand points' rebound

    • 2015.5.21

      Be the first to suggest the risk of the GEM

    • 2014.1.24

      The super bull market is about to start

  • BOND

    • Since 2018

      Strictly control credit risk,its bond funds have never been involved in any bond default risk events

    • 2016Q4

      Strictly control the duration and position of its bond funds,avoiding the risk of debt crisis in December 2016


    • 2018Q4

      Many funds long gold-related stocks while overweighing, trying to grasp the gold price rebound opportunity since 2019

    • 2015-2016

      During the time of RMB depreciation, incepted the industry's first gold stock thematic fund, First Seafront Gold, Silver and Jewelry Fund. The fund won the 2016 Open Hybrid Golden Bull Fund with a performance of 15.86% for the whole year.