Financial Engineering Researcher

Job Description:


(1) Starting from quantitative analysis, study the product characteristics, operation methods and performance of the company and the market peers, complete the research and development of relevant financial models, participate in the processing and maintenance of metalworking data and the design and construction of metalworking systems;

(2) Conduct research on market data analysis, investment strategy analysis and verification, and development and maintenance of related systems;

(3) Provide quantitative analysis reports of product operation required by customers;

(4) Complete other tasks assigned by the department.

Job Requirements:

(1) Master's degree or above in well-known institutions, graduated in Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Computer, Financial Engineering and related majors, can accept 2020 graduates internships, and have the opportunity to get return offer;

(2) Excellent hands-on ability, including one of the following two: a. Familiar with database management and application system development, have deep programming skills, proficient in SQL and at least one computer language (C#, JAVA, C++, etc.), have rich practical development experience; b. Familiar with data analysis principles and applications, rich experience in data mining and statistical analysis, proficient in at least one statistical software (PYTHON, R, MATLAB, SAS, etc.);

(3) Have good communication, language expression and organizational coordination skills; have good learning ability, be insightful in doing things; good at cooperation and team work.

(4) Prefer a background in IT for financial institutions such as financial data service providers, brokerages, and banks, or data analysis and processing in the securities and financial industry.

HR- Pay Roll Management

Job Description:


(1) Implement the accounting of various welfare, social security and daily salary;

(2) Complete labor cost related accounting and attendance management;

(3) Complete the accounting and issuance of various bonuses, participate in the formulation and promotion of the front office incentive plan;

(4) Revise and improve the compensation and welfare related system, participate in the design of short-term incentives and medium- and long-term incentive programs; annual budget management, analysis of labor cost data, issue human resources reports, and make recommendations for management.

Job Requirements:

(1) Bachelor degree or above in well-known colleges and universities at home and abroad, major in Human Resource Management, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Accounting or Financial Management;

(2) Have more than 5 years of relevant work experience in Human Resources, Financial Management, Enterprise Planning, etc.

(3) logical thinking, sensitive to the numbers, with research capabilities, proficient in Excel;

(4) Careful, rigorous and responsible; good communication skills, ability to solve and analyze problems.