First Seafront Fund boasts of innovative mechanism and efficient governance. Since its inception over the past five years, with its partnership mechanism, incentive departments mechanism, the supreme benefits of the shareholders, the precise prediction of the market, as well as the insightful product layout, First Seafront Fund has been labeled as "the Innovator of the Mutual Fund Industry". Beholding the philosophy of "always focusing on the supreme benefits of the shareholders" and advanced governance mechanism, First Seafront Fund has been able to match its words with deeds, sticking to and executing the right investment directions.

First Seafront Fund tries hard to practice its social responsibility. We have started building the team in charge of social responsibility and ESG coordination since 2015. The social responsibility work has been led by our CEO and General Manager, executed by related staff from our Marketing Department and Administration Department.

In 2017, First Seafront Fund has practiced the national precise poverty elimination policy, participated in the related program held by the Financial Department of Shenzhen’s municipal government by helping poverty-struck villages and visiting grass-root people. And our assisted cost has increased to 1 million RMB. 

In 2018, we have set up the Finance Intelligence Course for high school students in Shenzhen Mingde Experimental School, and donated about 100 economical and financial books, trying to lay a solid foundation for the students. In September 2018, our company's Marketing Department employee has invited Dean of Shenzhen Mingde Experimental School, Mr. Yanming MA, and Haijie LI from Tencent Corporation to give lectures and communications about our cooperated Financial Intelligence Education. And our courses have different topics including "Fund and Financial Industry", "Personal Career Path" and "Professional Work Experience", which is a perfect match for high school students interested in investment and financial industry.

We have worked with Shenzhen Mingde Experimental School (related school of Tencent Fund, and our main partner is the High School Section) to carry out "Finance Intelligence" education and training. By doing this, we have been able to accomplish our social responsibility activity with lectures and corporate day, trying to help students learn by playing and providing opportunities for students to accumulate future work experience. Meanwhile, we have established influential brand of finance intelligence and social philanthropy as well as our unique style.

Besides, we have set up investor education positions in Customer Service Department and Marketing Department, which enables us to know our clients’ risk preferences by questionnaires during account opening and trading, so that we can remind our clients accordingly and manage their assets properly. We have also set up investor education columns in our website and WeChat public account by publishing over 50 related articles.

The company has already cancelled paper bills on January 24th, 2018, and has advised the investors to use electronic bills, which is safer, faster and more eco-friendly. Meanwhile, when we conduct our fund investment, we will also consider the listed company’s social obligations.

In conclusion, as a responsible financial institution, First Seafront Fund has endeavored to organize philanthropic activities to fulfill its social obligations. We have been striving to become top asset management company at home by our innovative mechanism, professional talents, differentiated products and services, and outstanding investment performance. And we aim to increase wealth of our clients, realize dreams of our employees and create value for our shareholders eventually.