The Research and Investment System

Houqiong WANG

Chairman of Investment Deciding Committee, MD

  • Work Experience: 26 years' experience in the securities industry, including 5 years' experience in securities companies and 21 years' investment and trading experience in fund companies (9 years' experience in trading management in fund company )

  • Worked in the Securities Department of Southern Securities Wuhan Branch and the Asset Management Department of Southern Securities Co., Ltd., joined Southern Fund Management Co., Ltd. in March 1998, served as Head of Transaction Management Department, Assistant to Director of Transaction Management Department and Head of the Central Trading Floor, Deputy Director of Management and Head of Central Trading Floor.

  • Joined First Seafront Fund in October 2014.

  • Has over 20 years' experience in the securities industry and has developed unique insights into China's securities market, especially for the market's general trends and hot spots.

Delong YANG

Chief Economist

  • Investment circle super IP, 13 years in fund industry experience

  • GFD of School of Finance, Tsinghua University; Master of Finance, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University; Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering of Tsinghua University.

  • In July 2006, joined the Southern Fund Research Department as an automobile researcher and Chief Strategist. Since 2009, served as fund manager for many mutual funds. In March 2016, joined First Seafront Fund as Managing Director and Chief Economist.

  • A special commentator of CCTV Finance Channel since 2009 and a guest of Phoenix Satellite TV;

  • Tutor of Finance Master in Economics and Management at Tsinghua University since 2010;

  • In 2011, won the Outstanding Award of Southern Fund; from 2012 onwards, won the first place in the "Top 100 Exposures of Chinese Fund People" for six consecutive years;

  • In 2012, was awarded the Best Public Fund Manager of the 10th China Financial and Economics List;

  • In 2014, was appointed as the Southern Strategy Optimization Fund Manager and won the 2014 Stock-type Golden Bull Fund Award;

  • In 2016, won the Southern Financial Elite Award of the Year;

  • In 2016, was awarded the most watched fund manager of today's headlines;

  • In August 2016, was appraised by Sina Finance Star to sign the anchor; In December 2016, won the Financial Sector Annual Financial Man of the Year Award;

  • Won the most popular speaker award in December 2016;

  • In September 2017, was awarded the title of “Citizen Leader” by China Fund Industry Association and today's headline;

  • In October 2017, was awarded the title of “The Most Popular and Popular Financial Planner” by Sina Finance, and was listed in the big screen of Times Square in New York, USA;

  • Since December 2017, has been a visiting professor at Zhengzhou University Business School.